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Q: What kinds of line does the Tauten LineWelder work on?
A: The LineWelder is designed for use with 12lb Fluorocarbon, 12 lb Monofilament and 50lb braided line, but will work on all Fluorocarbon, Monofilament or braided lines of a diameter less than .014″.

Q: Will the LineWelder work on my favorite brand of line?
A: Probably!  As long as it meets the above criteria it should work.  We do recommend that all lines be cleaned before welding with an alcohol wipe to clean any slick material off the section being welded.
Feel free to contact us if you have a question about a specific brand!

Q: Can the the LineWelder attach two lines together?
A: Yes!  The product can attach braid to mono/fluoro line or even attach two lines of the same material.  The Outrigger Line Clamp accessory makes this process easier and the basic technique is demonstrated in the video below:

Q: Can the size of the weld be adjusted?
A: No, the weld is engineered to be large enough to hold 50 lb braided line together, so reducing the size could compromise the integrity of the connection.

Q: Does the size of the weld scare fish away?
A: While we can’t say conclusively that the fish don’t react at all to the weld, in all of our field tests our testers couldn’t find any difference in catch rates between lines with a LineWeld and traditional knots, even when fishing typically timid species such as Redfish.

Q: Where can I see the LineWelder in action?
A: You can find some videos of the LineWelder in use on our YouTube channel and see find our show schedule to see it in person as we announce it on our Facebook page.
If you want to give the LineWelder a try, you can purchase one and return it for a full refund if you aren’t entirely satisfied.

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